Where I’ve been

There is not one number of countries that make up “every country in the world”. Depending on who you ask, you will get different answers. Currently, there are 193 member countries to the UN, so 193 is the minimum number of countries in order to visit every country.

Jerusalem, Israel

Israel and Palestine – the City of Jerusalem

In addition, there are two observer states to the UN: The Holy See (Vatican) and Palestine.

There are several other countries that are de facto independent, but cannot enter the UN due to political reasons. The most famous countries in this group are the Republic of China (Taiwan) and Kosovo.

These countries make up the 197 places I want to visit in my lifetime (or preferably sooner). Hence the name 197travelstamps.

So far, I’ve visited 104 countries. That is already more than 50% – but the really hard part is still to come. Countries like Syria, Lybia and the Democratic Republic of Congo are still on the to go list. Places, that are obviously much harder to travel to and much more dangerous than a weekend in Amsterdam.

Here is the map of the places I have been so far:


There are still vast blank spaces in Africa so that will be my focus in 2018. Visit my upcoming trips section to find out what I have planned for the upcoming months HERE.