Even as a kid I dreamt of going places. Whenever a teacher or someone talked about a trip to a remote country I felt that itch to go there too one day. And whenever I saw a documentary about a place I had that same feeling.

Landmark Travel Quiz Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque Brunei

I took this photo on a trip to Brunei Darussalam in 2012

Usually you your find a carefully selected travel quote in the “About” section. I didn’t find one that fit (or maybe I was just too lazy searching for one). I might even add one at some point. Who knows.

This blog is not about nomadic travelling. I have a “normal” 9 to 5 job that I absolutely love so you will not find any rants about how bad the system is. Quite the opposite, actually. Travelling is getting easier by the year with cheaper flights and better technology.

Since I don’t have an unlimited number of vacation days and money, I am always looking for perfect opportunities to find affordable ways of travelling to remote places in a short amount of time. Very often that is Friday until Sunday or Monday morning. And since I also maintain a long distance relationship with my girlfriend who lives in Barcelona (I am an Italian citizen who lives in Frankfurt, Germany by the way), I am boarding a plane pretty much every weekend – my other passion next to country collecting. In 2017, I’ve taken 130 flights to 31 countries (you can find my tips how to find cheap flights here).

So what can you expect to find on this blog here?

Lots of trip reports from short trips to surreal places that I have taken in the past (Where have I been so far?) and about places I am still going (here you can find a list of my upcoming trips). I am also a huge fan of travel trivia and quizzes so there will be a new quiz online at least once a week here.

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