US State Capitals Quiz – Test Your Geography Knowledge

US State Capitals Quiz - Guess the correct answer

The United States consist of 50 states. Do you know the name of the capital of each US state? Find out now and take our US state capitals quiz. Be careful, though. The capital city of a US state is not always the largest and most famous city.

The quiz has 10 multiple-choice questions. For every answer, you will get a short fun fact about the state or city in question. At the end of the quiz, after you’ve answered all questions, you will find out your total score in this geography game.

Let’s get started with the states and capitals quiz!

US State Capitals Quiz

What is the capital of California?

1. Los Angeles
2. San Francisco
3. Bakersfield
4. Sacramento

The capital of California is Sacramento

California is famous for the huge cities on the West Coast. However, the sunny state also has a great nature and more national parks than any other state in the United States.

US Capitals Quiz - What is the capital of Florida?

1. Fort Lauderdale
2. Miami
3. Tallahassee
4. Orlando

Tallahassee is the capital of Florida

And here is a little fun fact: Florida has more golf courses than any other US state. Not surprisingly maybe, but now you know for sure.

States and Capitals Quiz - What is the capital of Georgia?

1. Augusta
2. Atlanta
3. Macon
4. Savannah

Atlanta is the capital of Georgia

And here is a fun fact: Eating chicken with a fork is illegal in Gainesville, Georgia - the self-proclaimed chicken capital of the world.

And the capital of New Jersey is?

1. Trenton
2. Atlantic City
3. Newark
4. Edison

The capital of New Jersey is Trenton

The Statue of Liberty is located in New Jersey (that's right, New Yorkers!)

US States Game - What is the capital of the state Texas?

1. San Antonio
2. Houston
3. Austin
4. Dallas

The capital of Texas is Austin

Did you know that Texas was an independent nation between 1836 and 1845?

What is the capital of North Dakota

1. Williston
2. Rapid City
3. Fargo
4. Bismarck

The capital of North Dakota is Bismarck

The geographical center of North America is in the town of Rugby in North Dakota.

What is the capital of Utah?

1. Reno
2. Salt Lake City
3. Denver
4. Twin Falls

Salt Lake City is the capital of Utah

Utah has the joungest population of all US States.

What is the capital of Idaho?

1. Nampa
2. Idaho Falls
3. Boise
4. Twin Falls

The capital of Idaho is Boise

The word Idaho is derived from a Native American language and means "land of many waters" - thanks to the many rivers and its incredible nature.

Click here for a great post about things to do in Boise.

US State Game: What is the capital of Arizona?

1. Flagstaff
2. Phoenix
3. Holbrook
4. Tucson

Phoenix is the capital of Arizona

Phoenix is the most populous state capital in the United States.

What is the capital of Hawaii?

1. Kahului
2. Honolulu
3. Moloka'i
4. Hilo

The capital of Hawaii is Honolulu

Hawaii was annexed by the United States in 1898. Before that, it was occupied by Russians, French and British.

All 10 questions completed!

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US State Capitals Quiz

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US State Capitals Quiz – Test Your Geography Knowledge

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