Country Shape Quiz – Geographic Outlines of the World

Country Shape Quiz - Country Outline Test

It is time to test your geography knowledge. In this quiz, we will show you the outline of 20 countries from all over the world. Can you tell which country it is? Try it and guess the countries that are shown in our country shape quiz.

Some countries have unique borders and shapes while others have very similar outlines. Let’s see if you can score 20 correct answers in this fun multiple choice geography test.

Guess the Country Quiz

Question #1 - What country is this?

Hint: Look closely at the section in the middle of the country

1. Nicaragua
2. Colombia
3. Panama
4. Peru

This is the outline of Panama

The division in the middle is where the Panama Canal crosses the country.

Question #2 - This is an easy one

1. Croatia
2. Greece
3. Italy
4. Spain

This is the pizza-producing country of Italy

Question #3 - What country is this?

1. South Africa
2. Mongolia
3. Cambodia
4. Peru

This is the outline of South Africa

The "hole" in the middle is the country of Lesotho.

Question #4 - This country is located in Northern Europe? Which one is it?

1. Finland
2. Sweden
3. Denmark
4. Norway

This is Norway

Recently, we visited Svalbard, a group of islands 1,000 km north of the Norwegian mainland. During the summer time, the sun doesn't set for four consecutive months. Read more about our weekend without sunset in this surreal destination.

Question #5 - What country does this beautiful drop represent?

1. Sri Lanka
2. Myanmar
3. China
4. Uganda

This is Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka was formerly known as Ceylon.

Question #6 - This are the border of a troubled country. Which one?

1. Libya
2. Iraq
3. Syria
4. Afghanistan

These are the borders of Afghanistan

Question #7 - What is this beautiful archipelago called

1. The Maldives
2. Indonesia
3. The Seychelles
4. The Philippines

These are the Philippines

A group of 7,641 islands. Read our guide about Boracay

Question #8 - A country on the Horn of Africa

1. Eritrea
2. Tanzania
3. Somalia
4. Djibouti

This is Somalia

Question #9 - A beautiful and cold country

1. Canada
2. Russia
3. Mongolia
4. Japan

This is Canada

Question #10 - What is this slim and good-looking country called?

1. Malaysia
2. Chile
3. Ecuador
4. Thailand

This is Chile

Question #11 - What country has this shape?

1. Egypt
2. Morocco
3. Tunisia
4. Algeria

This is Egypt

Question #12 - The largest country in the world

1. Brazil
2. Russia
3. Australia
4. China

This is the shape of Russia

Question #13 - What is this nation called?

1. Papua New Guinea
2. Timor Leste
3. Brunei Darussalam
4. Samoa

This is the outline of Papua New Guinea

Question #14 - This outline belongs to a very unique country

1. Nauru
2. Jamaica
3. Namibia
4. Latvia

This is the outline of Nauru

Nauru is an independent nation in the Pacific Ocean and the smallest Republic in the world. 

Question #15 - What is this country called?

1. Japan
2. Croatia
3. Italy
4. South Korea

This is Japan

Question #16 - Geography Trivia

1. Austria
2. Armenia
3. Azerbaijan
4. Australia

This is the outline of Austria

Question #17 - An Island Nation..

1. Haiti
2. Barbados
3. Cuba
4. St. Kitts & Nevis

This is the shape of Cuba

Question #18 - A country in Africa

1. Kenya
2. Ghana
3. Botswana
4. Madagascar

This is the island of Madagaskar

Question #19 - What country is this?

1. Turkey
2. New Zealand
3. Bolivia
4. Iran

This is the outline of New Zealand

Question #20 - Last one!

1. Germany
2. Belgium
3. Switzerland
4. France

This is France

All 20 questions completed!

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Guess the Country Quiz

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Country Shape Quiz – Geographic Outlines of the World

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  1. Oh my goodness that was soo bad haha. I only managed to guess the destinations that are on my bucket list and have been dying to see for a while . All the rest I was terrible picking the right country! Back to geography class for me haha

  2. Thanks, this will help with learning countries. I got 20/20 which I’m very please about. They were mostly the easy ones.

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