African Countries and their Presidents

There are 54 independent countries in Africa. This page shows a list of African countries and theirpresidents as of February 2020. The president of Cameroon, Paul Biya, is the longest-ruling African president. He has been in service for a whopping 45 years since June 1975. With over 21 million inhabitants, Cairo is the most populated […]

List of all Countries and Capitals and Currencies of the World

The definition how many countries there are in the world is not an easy one. According to our definition here at 197TravelStamps, there are 197 sovereign countries in the world. There are 193 independent and recognized UN countries and in addition, we consider four independent territories as countries: Kosovo, the Vatican, Taiwan and Palestine. Since […]

List of East African Countries and Capitals

The following table shows a list of East African countries and capitals, their currencies and population. The area of East Africa has 19 countries and a total of around 420 million inhabitants and is divided in five subregions: the East African Community, the Horn of Africa, Southeast Africa, the Nile Valley and the island nations […]

African Capitals Quiz – Geography Trivia

Africa is known as the cradle of mankind. Today, it is the second most populous continent with over one billion inhabitants and 54 sovereign countries. We all have the beautiful images of African sunsets or safari animals in our mind. But how well do you know the African geography? Do you know the capital of […]

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