Flags of Asia Quiz – How well do you know the Asian continent?

Flags of Asia Quiz trivia

Asia is the largest and most culturally diverse continents on our planet. It is home to 48 UN countries. How well do you know the national flags of the Asian countries? Take our flags of Asia quiz to test your geography knowledge.

Below, you will find 10 flags of different countries in Asia. There are four answer options for each question. For every correct answer on this multiple choice trivia, you will be rewarded with an interesting and fun fact about the Asian country.

So how well do you know the Asian flags? Time to start the quiz. Your total score will be shown at the end.

Flags of Asia Quiz

Question 1: This is the flag of...

1. The Philippines
2. Mongolia
3. Vietnam
4. Nepal

This is the national flag of the Philippines!

Here are some fun facts about the Philippines: The Philippines are named after King Philip II of Spain. Over 2,000 islands of the Philippine Archipelago are inhabited and on them, over 170 different languages are spoken. The official languages are Filipino (based on the Tagalog language) and English. The Philippines are the top supplier of nurses around the world - one quarter of all nurses working overseas are of Filipino origin.

Question 2: What Asian country does this flag represent?

1. Japan
2. United Arab Emirates
3. China
4. Turkey

This is the flag of the People's Republic of China

Here is a fun fact about China: In the East Asian nation it is not uncommon to find canned fresh air for sale. Due to the high levels of air pollution in the big cities, locals are longing for some Canadian forest air.

Question 3: What international flag is this?

1. Kyrgyzstan
2. Tadjikistan
3. Azerbaijan
4. Mongolia

This is the flag of Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is a little known country in Central Asia. Between 70-80% of its area is made up of mountainous territory. We visited the capital Bishkek and its surroundings some time ago and we agree with several travel guides: it is an absolutely amazing destination. Incredible nature, amazing food, safe and a very affordable price level.

Read out more about our time in Kyrgyzstan.

Question 4: Flags, Flags, Flags

1. Pakistan
2. Bhutan
3. Sri Lanka
4. India

This is the flag of India

India hosts world's largest festival, the Kumbh Mela festival in the city of Allahabad. The 55-day festival gets between 80-100 million visitors every year. And I thought Woodstock was a large festival...

Want to read more about strange and interesting festivals and traditions? Click here

If you are planning a visit to India, check out our guides to Mumbai and the Sikkim Region.

Question 5: Guess the flag

1. Indonesia
2. Turkmenistan
3. Myanmar
4. Timor Leste

This is the flag of Turkmenistan

Here is a fun fact about the Central Asian country: nearly 90% of all workers in Turkmenistan are directly employed by the Turkmen government. 

Question 6: Another Asian flag...

1. Laos
2. Malaysia
3. Cambodia
4. Thailand

This is the Thai flag

Did you know Bangkok is the most visited city in the world? The capital of Thailand gets around 20 million overnight visitors per year.

Question 7: This beautiful flag belongs to...

1. Brunei
2. Afghanistan
3. Kazakhstan
4. Mongolia


The capital of Kazakhstan, world's ninth largest country is called Astana, an articifial city in the middle of nowhere. The city was artificially constructed and inaugurated as the capital in 1998. 

Question 8: Do you know what Asian country this flag belongs to?

1. Myanmar
2. Bhutan
3. Bangladesh
4. Laos

This is the flag of Myanmar

Myanmar is one of only three countries that isn't using the metric system. The other two are the United States and Liberia. The capital of Myanamar, Yangon, is also home to one of the most incredible temples in the world - the Shwedagon Pagoda.

Question 9: Another Asian flag

1. Japan
2. Afghanistan
3. Pakistan
4. Bangladesh

This is the flag of Bangladesh

Smiling is considered a sign of immaturity in Bangladesh. So in case you find yourself traveling there, don't get offended by cold looks. But that doesn't mean that you shouldn't travel there. I got to pet a wild crocodile during my visit - a travel memory I will never forget.

Question 10: Last One

1. Japan
2. Taiwan
3. Brunei
4. Vietnam

This is the flag of Vietnam

You really deserved this fun fact about Vietnam: There is no individual birthday in Vietnam. Everybody ages one year every year at the Vietnamese new year and the initial count at birth starts at 1. So if you calculate your Vietnamese age, you would always be one or two years older that you are right now. 

Planning a trip to Vietnam? Click here for the perfect 10 day Vietnam itinerary.

All 10 questions completed!

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Flags of Asia Quiz

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How well did you score in our flags of Asia quiz?

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Flags of Asia Quiz – How well do you know the Asian continent?

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