Country #117 – A Day Trip to the Bahamas (from Germany)

Day Trip to the Bahamas by ferry boat

It is that time of the year again: Christmas decorations, cold weather and sweets constantly remind us that another year is coming to an end. Thankfully, I have one valuable vacation day left to escape the cold and visit a new country. Given the limited amount of time, I won’t be able to leave the beaten path of mass tourism. I’ll follow the masses on a day trip to the Bahamas Islands from Fort Lauderdale.

It took a bit of planning to fit a trip from Germany to the Bahamas into an extended weekend without spending tons of money on flights. But we made it work. We found some cheap flights from Zurich to Fort Myers in Florida on Saturday morning and back with Lufthansa from Miami to Frankfurt on Monday night.

I hopped on a short flight from Frankfurt to Zurich after finishing work on Friday where I met up with a few old friends from high school for a few drinks. Prices in Switzerland are insane; thank god I am only staying for one night.

On Saturday, we endured a rather uneventful and inglorious flight with low cost carrier Eurowings from Zurich to Fort Myers via Dusseldorf. 16 hours after leaving Zurich in the morning, we picked up our rental car. Next stop: Fort Lauderdale on the eastern coast of Florida. Another two-hour ride into the night. Why Fort Lauderdale? Well, it was the cheapest day cruise to the Bahamas from Florida that we found.

Day trips to the Bahamas from Florida

The cheapest Bahamas day trip is the Balearia Caribbean ferry from Fort Lauderdale to Grand Bahama. The normal price for the return ferry ride is $136. They have a special birthday promotion where the birthday celebrant only pays the taxes and fees for the ride. Since November is my birthday month, we only paid $85 per person. The Jaume II boat of Balearia Caribbean is also wheelchair accessible.

Bahamas day cruise balearia caribbean ferry
The Balearia Caribbean ferry is not a luxury cruise ship to the Bahamas but a large ferry ship. The seats offer plenty of space.

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Off to the Bahamas

The ferry left on time at 8 am and brought us to Grand Bahama three hours later. Welcome to country number 117! 80 more to go. All Bahamas day-trippers get a green wristband and we didn’t need to go through immigration. Perfectly efficient to maximize the time on the island but unfortunately no stamp in our passports either.

Fort Lauderdale to Bahamas cruise Freeport harbor
Welcome to country number 117 – The Bahamas

First impressions of Grand Bahama

Since there is no public transport available at the port, we booked the tourist transportation options to the beach and back that were offered on board. Just like a real package holiday tourist would do. The aftermath of hurricane Irma can still be seen 14 months after it hit the Caribbean. Many buildings still show signs of destruction or are completely abandoned.

What is there to do on Grand Bahama Island?

Good question. Well, there are two options. Either relax on the beach or have a couple of beers in the shade. Not much else really. We decided on a combination of the two. Our bus dropped us (and around 50 other day-trippers) at a small resort at Taino Beach. We walked around the area a bit to get a better feeling of the island itself before laying down on the beach.

Most bars down the road were closed but at some point, we managed to find a nice place that could supply us with some much-needed, refreshing Bahamian beer. What a treat. The friendly barkeeper also helped to shed some light where all the locals were. “At church, of course. Every Sunday from morning until 1 pm.”

Church on Grand Bahama seen on a day trip
This is where all the people are – the church near Taino Beach on Grand Bahama

After some delicious curry chicken, we decided it was time to mingle with the tourist crowds on the beach. And I must say, it was actually quite nice. Even though I am usually not much of a beach person. Fine sand, warm water and a perfect air temperature. Life could be worse. And once more, I am thankful for my weird hobby of collecting countries. One day earlier, I was still in freezing Europe and now I am in the Caribbean, listening to Bob Marley songs.

Day trip to the bahamas beach activities
If you get bored lying on the beach you can go jet skiing or on a banana boat ride.

But let’s not get too comfortable, it’s already time to continue the journey. After four hours on the beach, the bus was waiting to bring us to the city center – or so they said. After a short drive, we reached an artificial shopping village where 90% of the shops were closed. Not quite the city center I was expecting but they probably get some commission for dropping a bunch of bored tourists off in front of their stores. I am not really into buying souvenirs at overpriced stores so we walked down the road for some early dinner at Wendy’s. Yummy. What a Bahamian thing to do.

Are there swimming pigs on Grand Bahama Island?

Yes, the Bahamas are famous for their swimming pigs. Originally, the swimming pigs could only be found at Exuma, a district of 365 islands further south in the Bahamas. Due to their popularity, other islands have also imported some of the water-loving piglets to provide some Insta-worthy photo opportunities for the sun-hungry tourists.

One day cruise to the Bahamas swimming pigs
Isn’t it cute?

And here are the good news: As of June 15, 2018, you can also find swimming pigs on Grand Bahama Island. The pigs are apparently located on the beach near Paradise Cove. We didn’t see them since we didn’t know the pigs existed on Grand Bahama. But we did meet some girls on the ferry-ride back to Fort Lauderdale who walked there from the ferry port and saw them in the waters – beautiful pictures. It is also possible to book a tour with the ferry company for $65 to visit the pigs and swim with them.

Florida is nice too

We got back to our hotel in Fort Lauderdale from the Bahamas ferry late Sunday evening. On Monday, we checked out Fort Lauderdale Beach and later went for an airboat ride in the Everglades to see some crocodiles. An absolutely amazing experience. Unfortunately, we didn’t have more time to explore the peninsula. If you get the chance to spend some time in the sunshine state, be sure to check add the Florida Keys on your to-do list. Since we only had so little time, we couldn’t manage to rent some ATVs in Florida this time. But we will definitely tick off that bucket list item next time.

Crocodile in the Everglades near Fort Lauderdale

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Just in time back for work – what a weekend

Our flight back from Miami landed in Frankfurt 30 minutes ahead of schedule on Tuesday morning. Plenty of time to catch a refreshing shower and jump right back into the corporate world. At my desk. At 9 am sharp. Once again, I am amazed, how much you can see and experience with just one single day off.

Do you feel like traveling to the Caribbean right now? I have got a nice surprise for you – the recipe for a delicious Bahama Mama cocktail. Check out the photo below. Get mixin’ and you will feel those Caribbean vibes right away.

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Bahama Mama Recipe

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In November, I visited my 117th country - the Bahamas. We booked a day cruise to Grand Bahama Island from Fort Lauderdale. Bahamas Cruise - Bahamas Trip Report
Country #117 – A Day Trip to the Bahamas (from Germany)

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  1. The Bahamas is such an easy trip for us from Toronto. One easy 3 hour flight south. So I never thought about going from Miami. But a day ferry sounds like a lot of fun. Would be a good way to taste test Grand Bahama which we have never visited. I did not know they have swimming pigs too!

  2. How amazing to be able to do that in such a short time. I definitely want to go and see those pigs they are too cute I’m in love!
    117 countries what an incredible journey, wishing you the best to come 🙂

  3. Wow, this place looks amazing! I’ve never been to the Bahamas but I’m kinda interested. I’ll put it on my list! The church looks simple but looks very attractive and sacred. OH MY GOODNESS! Is this for real?? pigs on Grand Bahama Island?? AMAZING!!! I wish I could come here to see the pig swimming.

  4. You have achieved a lot for a weekend, thansk for showing us the Bahamas, I do love Miami – it was a great travel destination. I may have considered a closer destination for a weekend getaway next time… 🙂 @knycx.journeying

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