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Safest Countries in South America

South America is a fascinating continent to visit. The lush green rainforests of Colombia, the impressive mountain ranges of the Andes and the beautiful landscapes of Patagonia are just some of the diverse highlights of South America. But with so many troubling headlines in the news about violence, it is sometimes hard to know which […]

Safest Countries in Africa – A Complete Overview

The African continent is the second largest on our planet and is home to 1.2 billion people and 54 independent countries. But with so many troubling news about safety in Africa in the headlines every day, many people are afraid of ever visiting this beautiful and fascinating continent. But which are the safest countries in […]

5 Strangest Traditions and Festivals around the World

One of the most amazing things about traveling is experiencing different cultures. What we consider strange or downright grotesque may be absolutely normal in a different part of the world. While the continuing globalization leads to a certain assimilation of cultures around the world, every country still has its own rituals. Some of them are […]

My Top 10 Travel Photos of 2017

2017 is now officially over. It was an amazing year with lots of amazing trips and travel moments: 133 flights took me to a total of 33 different countries. 16 of them were new countries for me and I hit country number 100 in September with my visit to Senegal. Here are my top 10 […]

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