List of all Countries and Capitals and Currencies of the World

The definition how many countries there are in the world is not an easy one. According to our definition here at 197TravelStamps, there are 197 sovereign countries in the world. There are 193 independent and recognized UN countries and in addition, we consider four independent territories as countries: Kosovo, the Vatican, Taiwan and Palestine. Since […]

The best area to stay in Dubai 2020

Dubai has grown from a minor desert city to one of the most important metropolis in the world in just a few decades. Even these days, the city still grows at an incredible rate and new neighborhoods emerge out of the desert. And other, formally unimportant areas of Dubai grow into modern areas. If you […]

Best Area to Stay in Bali Indonesia

Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia – for a good reason. Exotic ancient temples, beautiful rice terraces, an amazing underwater world, breathtaking beaches and a vibrant nightlife are just some of the things that are waiting for you on this paradise island. Every area of Bali is different in […]

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