My Top 10 Travel Photos of 2017

2017 is now officially over. It was an amazing year with lots of amazing trips and travel moments: 133 flights took me to a total of 33 different countries. 16 of them were new countries for me and I hit country number 100 in September with my visit to Senegal.

Here are my top 10 travel photos of the year 2017

10. Nova Levante, Italy

Italy Nova Levante
A sleepy little town in the Italian Alps

9. Sunset in the Pacific Ocean

Sunset Guam
I took this shot just after take off from Honolulu airport on my trip around the world in 8 days that I took in February 2017.

8. French Pyrenees

Lake French Pyrenees
The French Pyrenees are a perfect spot for hiking away from the tourist masses of the Alps.

7. Oaxaca, Mexico

Mexico Oaxaca
A lone woman in front of the Basilica of Our Lady of Solitude in Oaxaca, Mexico.

6. Lake Asale, Ethiopia

Ethiopia Dallol
A hole in the crust of Lake Asale in Northern Ethiopia.

Read the full post about my incredible experiences in the Danakil Depression in Northern Ethiopia. I’ve climbed an active volcano and could look down into the boiling lava. Absolutely stunning.

5. Children in Kirundo, Burundi

Children Burundi
Travel tip: soap bubbles are always a good gift to bring to children in the developing world. They are a lot of fun and don’t create as much trash as wrapped candy or other small gifts. Read the full report about my trip to Burundi

4. Mahé Island, Seychelles

Mahé Beach Seychelles
The Seychelles, are a true paradise and to my suprise there were hardly any other tourists around on the main island so we could enjoy the numerous beaches all to ourselves. The Seychelles are an ideal destination for Africa newbies as it is more organized and safer than most countries of the continent. In fact, the Seychelles are the 3rd safest country in Africa.

3. Carcassonne, France

Carcassonne France
Carcassonne absolutely blew my mind. The entire castle is in a perfect condition and gives you the feeling of walking the streets in mediaeval times.

2. Lac Rwihinda, Burundi

Kirundo Burundi
A mystical sunrise at Lac Rwihinda in the Kirundo Region in Norther Burundi. Read the full report about my trip to Burundi

1. Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg France
Strasbourg in the Alsace region in France – absolutely beautiful

I hope 2017 was just as exciting for you and that you had the chance to make some amazing travel memories. In case you liked (or disliked) the pictures feel free to leave a feedback comment or follow me on Instagram.

If you are still looking for some inspiration on where to travel to in 2018 or how to find affordable flights, check out my travel tips section here. If you have been inspired to take amazing photos yourself, and you want to improve your photography, read these helpful guides:

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Are you still looking for some good travel inspiration for 2018? Check out this list of the top 30 destinations to visit in 2018 or if you fell in love with the first picture of the small Italian town, you can find some more inspiration for picturesque towns in Northern Italy here.

I wish you a good and happy year 2018 with many opportunities to travel.

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My Top 10 Travel Photos of 2017

21 thoughts on “My Top 10 Travel Photos of 2017

  1. Amazing pictures! I liked picture no. 6 and your African pictures best, but you also raised my interest in Carcassonne. Congratulations to surpassing the 100-country-threshold and all the best for 2018. My first trip will lead me to Penang, Malaysia. Where will yours take you?

  2. All photos are beautiful, though you did not ask to pick a favourite, I would say no.1… would be happy sleeping off in under a tree with that view – such picturesque mountain side!

  3. Watching some of the fantastic clicks after so long, as a photography lover i am telling you have some serious good skills.
    One of my favorite is “Sunset in the Pacific Ocean”, this one is absolute beauty. Keep up..

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