List of Asian Countries, Capital and Currency

The Asian continent is absolutely fascinating. Asia is the largest as well as the most populated continent in the world. And definitely also the most culturally fascinating. There are 48 countries in Asia with a population of 4.5 billion. That means that every second human lives on the Asian continent. To give you a better […]

6 Family Friendly Things to do in Japan

Even though it usually requires a long journey, a trip to Japan with your family will be well worth the trip. Honshu, Japan’s main island is full of exciting culture, history, food experiences and tourist attractions. A trip to Honshu alone could fill a hundred family vacations. In addition, Japan has three other larger islands […]

5 Day Israel Itinerary

Every country in the world is different and have something special that you can’t find anywhere else. But Israel is a truly unique destination. Christians, Jews and Muslims alike consider Jerusalem and other places in Israel holy places. Today, our guest blogger Krasen Jelyazkov shares his favorite 5 day Israel itinerary with us and introduces […]

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