North American Countries and Capitals and Currencies

The geographic area of North America consists of 23 independent countries. Next to the United States of America, countries in Central America and the Caribbean are prt of North America. Six independent countries as well as the British overseas territories Anguilla and Montserrat are using the Eastern Caribbean dollar as their main currency. The United States dollar is the most traded currency in North America and tthe entire world. In North America, the United States dollar is also the official legal tender of San Salvador and Panama (next to the Panamanian Balboa). This page provides an overview of all North American countries and capitals and currencies.

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There are several dependent territories or overseas territories in the Caribbean. Since this page only displays the currencies and capitals of independent nations, they are not listed here.

Full list of North American countries, capitals and currencies

By default, the list is sorted alphabetically. You can also sort the table differently by clicking on the table headers. We also included the sub-continent area in the table. Therefore, you can also sort the table by sub-continent to get an overview of all Caribbean currencies and capitals.

BahamasNassauBahamian dollarCaribbean
BarbadosBridgetownBarbadian dollarCaribbean
BelizeBelmopanBelize dollarCentral America
CanadaOttawaCanadian dollarNorth America
Costa RicaSan JoséCosta Rican colonCentral America
CubaHavanaCuban pesoCaribbean
Dominican RepublicSanto  DomingoDominican pesoCaribbean
Antigua and BarbudaSt. John’sEast Caribbean dollarCaribbean
DominicaRoseauEast Caribbean dollarCaribbean
GrenadaSt. George’sEast Caribbean dollarCaribbean
Saint LuciaCastriesEast Caribbean dollarCaribbean
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesKingstownEast Caribbean dollarCaribbean
St. Kitts and NevisBasseterreEast Caribbean dollarCaribbean
GuatemalaGuatemala CityGuatemalan quetzalCentral America
HaitiPort-au-PrinceHaitian gourdeCaribbean
HondurasTegucigalpaHonduran lempiraCentral America
JamaicaKingstonJamaican dollarCaribbean
MexicoMexico CityMexican pesoCentral America
NicaraguaManaguaNicaraguan cordobaCentral America
Trinidad and TobagoPort of SpainTrinidad and Tobago dollarCaribbean
El SalvadorSan SalvadorUnited States dollarCentral America
United States of AmericaWashington, D.C.United States dollarNorth America
PanamaPanama CityUnited States dollar,
Panamanian balboa
Central America


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North American Countries and Capitals and Currencies

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