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Europe is home to some of the best-known and most incredible capital cities like Rome, Paris and London. But how well do you know the European countries and their capital beyond those three famous cities? To help you find out, we created this fun European capitals quiz. Let’s see if you are a geography expert.

This capitals cities of Europe quiz consists of ten multiple choice questions. After every answer, we will reward you with a little fun fact about the European country in question.

So let’s get started with the quiz on European countries and capitals. Your total score will be shown at the end.

European Capitals Quiz

What is the capital city of Sweden

1. Gothenburg
2. Helsinki
3. Oslo
4. Stockholm

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden

Here is a fun fact about Sweden for you: The government of Sweden pays its student nearly 200 USD a month to attend high school.

Next question in our Europe quiz: The capital of Austria is...

1. Salzburg
2. Basel
3. Munich
4. Vienna


And here is a fun fact for you: Chinese tourists liked the idyllic village Hallstadt in Austria so much that they rebuilt a knockoff of the entire village in China.

What is the capital of Croatia?

1. Rijeka
2. Split
3. Dubrovnik
4. Zagreb


Croatia is also home to the smallest town in the world. The village of Hum has 30 inhabitants.

What is the capital of Luxembourg?

1. Luxembourg City
2. Schengen
3. Landshut
4. Liechtenstein

Luxembourg City

The full name of the country of Luxembourg is the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. 

The capital city is also called Luxembourg or Luxembourg City. Check out our guide on what to explore in this fascinating city. 

The capital city of Spain is...

1. Toledo
2. Barcelona
3. Seville
4. Madrid


Did you know that the national anthem of Spain has no words? 

What is the capital of Moldova?

1. Sofia
2. Bucharest
3. Skopje
4. Chisinau

Chisinau is the capital of Moldova

And here is another great fun fact: the town of Congaz is the largest village in Europe with 14,000 inhabitants.

Can you name the capital of Norway?

1. Tromso
2. Uppsala
3. Bergen
4. Oslo


Did you know that salmon sushi was introduced to the Japanese by Norway in the 1980ies? Who would have thought that?

What is the capital of Latvia

1. Vilnius
2. Riga
3. Kaunas
4. Tallinn


Did you know that Jeans were invented by a Latvian tailor? 

The capital of Hungary is...

1. Gyor
2. Budapest
3. Debrecen
4. Bucharest


In Hungary, you don't clink your glasses before drinking. According to a legend, Austrians used to clink their glasses after executing Hungarian generals. 

Last question of the Europe capitals quiz: The capital of Ukraine is...

1. Kiev
2. Crimea
3. Odessa
4. Lviv


Kiev is home to the deepest metro station in the world. The station that is located over 100 meters under the eather, dubbed as a bomb shelter during the cold war.

All 10 questions completed!

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European country capitals quiz - Test your greography knowledge in this fun quiz. Guess the European capital and we reward you with a fun fact for every country
European Capitals Quiz

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