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There are 12 independent countries in South America. Do you know all their capitals? Find out now! We created a fun South American capitals quiz for you.

Click on the correct answer for each of the multiple choice questions of our South America capitals quiz. After each answer, you will learn a new fun fact about the country. But no more words, let’s get started with this South American countries and capitals quiz.

South American Capitals Quiz

What is the capital of Venzuela?

1. Maracaibo
2. Managua
3. Caracas
4. Bogotá


Here is a fun fact about Venezuela: Venezuelan women are some of the most beautiful on our planet. Six Miss World winners and five Miss Universe Winners are from Venezuela.

The capital of Argentina is called...

1. Rosario
2. Buenos Aires
3. Cordoba
4. Mendoza

Buenos Aires

Did you know? Argentina had five different presidents within 10 days in the year 2001. 

Next Question: The Capital of Brazil is...

1. Recife
2. Brasilia
3. Rio de Janeiro
4. Sao Paulo


The city of Brasilia is a planned city which was named the capital of Brasil in 1960.

What is the capital of Guyana

1. Guyanatown
2. Georgeville
3. Guyanaville
4. Georgetown


Guyana is the only english-speaking country in South America. Until 1966, it was part of the United Kingdom.

Name the capital of Uruguay

1. Punta del Este
2. Paysandú
3. Montevideo
4. Tacuarembo


Fun fact: Uruguay was the first country in the world to legalize the production and the use of Marihuana in 2013.

The capital of Peru is...

1. Cous Cous
2. Arequipa
3. Lima
4. Cuzco


Did you know that Peru is the largest cocaine producer in the world? That that, Colombia!

What is the capital of Suriname?

1. Cayenne
2. Curacao
3. Paramaribo
4. Suriname


Suriname is the only country outside of Europe where the majority of the population speaks Dutch. Until 1954, Suriname was a Dutch colony.

What is the capital of Paraguay?

1. Concepción
2. Asunción
3. Ciudad del Este
4. Encarnacion


Most homes in rural Paraguay have no doorbells. People signal their arrival by clapping their hands at the door. 

The capital of Colombia is...

1. Cali
2. Bogotá
3. Barranquilla
4. Medellín


At school and in public radio and television, the national anthem is played in Colombia every day at 6 am and at 6 pm. 

What is the capital of Chile?

1. Santiago
2. San Jose
3. San Juan
4. Santo Domingo


The world's largest swimming pool is located a city around 60 miles from Santiago. It is over 1,000 meters long (3,300 feet). The construction took over five years and cost around one billion USD.

Did you know that Chile is the safest country in South America? Check out our full ranking here.

The capital of Ecuador is...

1. Quito
2. Ambato
3. Guayaquil
4. Galapagos


Did you know that Ecuador has abandoned its national currency in 2000 and is now using the US dollar as their official currency?

What is the official capital of Bolivia?

1. La Paz
2. Sucre
3. Cochabamba
4. Santa Cruz de la Sierra


Sucre is the official and the judicial capital of Bolivia. However, the government and the executive power is seated in La Paz.

All 12 questions completed!

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How did you score in our South American capitals quiz? Let us know in the comment section. Click here for an overview of all South American countries and their capitals, their population and their currencies. Here you can find a list of all South American countries ranked by their safety score.

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South American Capitals Quiz

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