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Europe is much more than just France, Italy and Spain. In fact, there are 49 independent countries in the old continent. Do you know where they are located and can you identify them on a map? Find out now and play our fun Europe map quiz.

Our blank map of Europe quiz consists of ten multiple choice questions. For each questions, we will show you a map of Europe with one country highlighted in red. Your job in this map trivia is to identify the European country on the map and select the correct answer. After every answer, we will let you know if you were right or wrong. In addition, you will learn a short fun fact.

But let’s not lose any more time, let’s get started with the Europe map test. Good luck!

Europe Map Quiz - Geography Outline Quiz of Europe

Let's start off easy. Can you identify the European country?

1. France
2. Germany
3. Switzerland
4. Spain


And here is a fun fact: Former French President Charles de Gaulle is the person who survived the most assassination attempts, according to the Guiness Book of World Records. Overall, he survived 32 attempts on his life. More about it here.

Map of Europe Quiz - What country is highlighted in red?

1. Serbia
2. Romania
3. Moldova
4. Bulgaria


Did you know that the Romanian Parliament building in Bucarest is the largest parliament in the world? Now you do!

Another Country in Eastern Europe...

1. Slovenia
2. North Macedonia
3. Croatia
4. Serbia


Did you know that the world's most expensive cheese is from Serbia? The Pule cheese is made from donkey milk and costs nearly 600 USD per pound (0.45kg).

Europe Map Quiz - Question Four

1. Andorra
2. Spain
3. Portugal
4. Italy


Did you know that the largest omelette in the world was made in Portugal? It weighed nearly 6.5 tonnes.

Next Question - Name the highlighted country

1. Denmark
2. Germany
3. Austria
4. Poland


The average age of marriage is the youngest in Poland among all European Union member states. On average, women marry at the age of 24 and men at the age of 26.5.

Can you identify the country?

1. Scotland
2. Ireland
3. United Kingdom
4. Wales


Ireland is the last country in Europe where abortion is still illegal.

What is the name of the country highlighted on the empty map?

1. Latvia
2. Lithuania
3. Estonia
4. Moldova


In Lithuania, easter eggs are not delivered by a bunny but by the Easter Granny called Velykų Senelė

Guess the country...

1. Czech Republic
2. Belarus
3. Hungary
4. Bulgaria


Belarus is the only country in Europe that hasn't abolished the death penalty

What is the name of this country?

1. Russia
2. Ukraine
3. Hungary
4. Albania


And here is another fun fact for you: the world's most visited McDonalds is not located in Manhattan but in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine

Last Question - Name the Country

1. Norway
2. Sweden
3. Denmark
4. Finland


In Finland, there are actual competitions in the sport of "wife carrying". 

All 10 questions completed!

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Europe Map Quiz

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