Weekly Travel Quiz

European Flags Quiz – Test Your Knowledge

How well do you know the flags of Europe? Take our European flags quiz and test your geography knowledge! For every answer, we will reward you with a short fun fact about a European country. Did you know which European country invented gin? Or what the tooth fairy is called in Spain? Your total score will […]

Flags of Asia Quiz – How well do you know the Asian continent?

Asia is the largest and most culturally diverse continents on our planet. It is home to 48 UN countries. How well do you know the national flags of the Asian countries? Take our flags of Asia quiz to test your geography knowledge. Below, you will find 10 flags of different countries in Asia. There are […]

Where Should I Travel Quiz – Find Your Next Destination

Are you still undecided where to travel next? We’ve got you covered: Answer a few questions in our Where Should I Travel Quiz and we will tell you where to go on vacation next. Our quiz will select the ideal travel destination for you from a wide range of top vacation spots. Where to next? Take […]

World Alphabet Quiz – Test your knowledge about writing systems

While most people in Western Europe and America use the Latin alphabet, writing in other continents can differ from country to country. There are over 370 writing systems (or scripts) in the world. Test your knowledge about different alphabets of the world in this alphabet quiz. So let’s get started with the quiz. As usual, you are […]

World Flag Quiz Hard – The ultimate test to your geography knowledge

Do you know all the flags of the world? Did you already take our normal flag quiz and you got an easy 10/10? Was it too easy? Then you are at the right place. Test your knowledge in this hard world flag test. As always, you will be rewarded with a fun fact for every […]

Famous Landmarks Quiz – How well do you know the world?

How well do you know the landmarks of the world? Can you identify in which cities or countries you can find these landmarks? As a motivational booster, we will reward you with a fun fact about the destination for every correct answer. Try the famous landmarks quiz now!

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