European Countries and Capitals List – Alphabetical

Europe is one of the most diverse continents in the world. Both naturally and culturally. While we often hear about the larger European countries and their capitals, it is hard to keep track of the capital cities of European countries that are less famous. Therefore, we created this European countries and capitals list – alphabetical.

The best places to visit in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in Europe between Belgium, France and Germany. Despite its central location, it often gets overlooked by travelers. However, you may be surprised to find out that despite its size, Luxembourg does indeed have plenty to offer and a stunning natural beauty. Small in size but huge in attractions, […]

7 Most Beautiful Cities In Germany You Must Visit

Germany is much more than just Munich, Berlin and Hamburg. And who would be better suited to tell us about the most amazing places in Germany than someone who lives there. Our guest blogger Shruti Pangtey has been living in Germany for over two years. During this time, she has visited some of the lesser […]

Best Things To Do in North Yorkshire

Yorkshire is England’s largest county and is divided into the four districts of North, South, West Yorkshire and East Riding of Yorkshire. Its beautiful, natural scenery earned Yorkshire the nickname ‘God’s Own Country’. And North Yorkshire plays a major part in this much-deserved title. With its rolling hills and river valleys of the Yorkshire Dales, […]

What to do in Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands are a group of islands in the Atlantic Ocean located between the United Kingdom and Iceland. Politically, the Islands are a self-governing country that is part of the Kingdom of Denmark. Thanks to the volcanic origin of the islands, the Faroe Islands offer some incredibly scenic landscapes and coastlines. This post gives […]

Top 9 Things to do in Liechtenstein

The small nation of Liechtenstein attracts two types of people: Country-collectors who want to add another country to their list and those seeking to discover pristine natural landscapes and incredibly friendly people. But the reason why people travel there doesn’t really matter in the end. As soon as you cross its borders, the tiny mountain […]

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