Most amazing countries by category

Most Amazing Countries 197 Travel Stamps“What was your favourite country?” – a question I am asked quite often after having travelled to over 100 countries. While many travelers consider this a rather annoying question, I don’t really have a problem with it. But still, it is very hard to find an answer to it. In this article, I have compiled a list of my top countries by category. What is the most adventurous place? Where to find the picture perfect paradise?

How does one compare a weekend in Tokyo with a week in the Pacific paradise of the Cook Islands or a winter day in Uzbekistan? It’s just not possible. Every country is so different from each other that it’s not possible to compare the entire experience in order to find a “best”. I’ve compiled a list of 10 countries that are each the best in a specific category.

Category 1 – Picture Perfect Paradise

The Cook Islands


The Cook Islands are a group of small islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. And they are a place of absolute natural perfection. Every corner on the islands looks like a perfect shot from a travel magazine.

Category 2 – Adventure



Sossusvlei, Namibia

The word desert sound so boring. It sounds like a lot of sand and never changing landscapes. But the Namib Desert is much more than that. Sure, there are sand dunes but large areas of the Namib Desert are incredibly beautiful, diverse landscapes. In order to see the beauty of the country, you have to drive for hours over unpaved roads though uninhabited terrain. Absolutely adventurous!

Category 3 – Authenticity



The old town of Bukhara, Uzbekistan

Walking through the old town of Khiva and Bukhara will transport you back into the golden ages when the silk road brought wealth and international traders to this area. Every now and then, when you see a tourist among the carpet stalls, you will be reminded that you are living in a different time now. On the upside – you don’t have to ride a camel through the desert for weeks in order to get here.

Category 4 – The Good Life


Jamon Spain

Tapas, Siesta and Fiesta. Not many people know how to live the good life as well as the Spanish do. When I think of Spain, I see myself somewhere out in the countryside, eating tapas and drinking  a good glass of wine. What more do you need?

Check out our insider guides for Seville, Barcelona and Bilbao to find out more why Spain is so amazing.

Category 5 – Beach Life


Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Sunset in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

When I think of beautiful beaches, Brazil wouldn’t be the first country that comes to my mind. But a day spent at a beach in Brazil is way different that on any other beach. There will be music and you will certainly be holding a Caipirinha in your hands while you see some soccer players in the background perform incedible tricks.

Category 6 – Off the Beaten Track


A chicken vendor in Bangladesh

A chicken vendor in Bangladesh

I got my visa for Bangladesh back in 2012 at the consulate in Kolkata, India. At the time, there was a huge, timeworn  sign inside the waiting room that read the words “Come to Bangladesh before all the tourists come”. Well, I certainly did. In the ten days I’ve spent in the South of Bangladesh, I only met one other traveller. Bangladesh is one of the least visited and at the same time most densely populated countries on Earth. An absolute must for everyone that wants to experience something totally different and with no tourism infrastructure at all.

During my visit to Bangladesh, I got to pet a wild crocodile – absolutely crazy.

Category 7 – Value for Money


Monkey Thailand

A monkey in Lop Buri, Thailand

This one may be a little cliché – Thailand as the cheap travel destination. There are certainly cheaper places than Thailand but in the category value for money, there is little that beats this incredible buddhist country in Southeast Asia. The only question you will be asking yourself in Thailand is “what do I want to do” rather than “what can I afford to do”. The tourism infrastructure is well established so you can just lean back and enjoy the affordable and delicious Thai food and the numerous activities in the South and the North of the countries. Check out Untoldwanderlust’s helpful guide if you want to know more about the sights and the cost of travelling in Thailand.

Category 8 – Culture



One of the most modern countries on earth while at the same time it is still deeply rooted in ancient traditions. A beautiful contrast that shows itself in the unique cuisine, the architecture and many other areas of life. Japan is much more than sushi and weird writings. There is just something about it that makes every traveller wish to return there one day.

Category 9 – Experience


Erta Ale volcano crater Danakil Depression

Looking down the crater of Erta Ale volcano

I have been to Ethiopia several times but my trip to the Danakil Depression in the Northeast of the country was one of my most memorable travel experiences. I got to look down the boiling crater of Erta Ale volcano, walk over the sulphur fields of Dallol and experience the heat under the midday sun in the hottest inhabited place on Earth.

Read more: Guide to Travelling to the Danakil Depression in Northern Ethiopia – The Hottest Place on Earth

Category 10 – Diversity

Israel / Palestine

The Western Wall and the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

When I think of my most memorable travel experiences, a Friday afternoon in the old town of Jerusalem immediately comes to my mind. While the weekend is already in full swing at the Muslim part of town, Jews are getting ready for their prayers at the Western Wall at sunset. Seeing the orthodox Jews rush down the narrow alleys of the old town is just an incredible experience. Don’t let anyone tell you not to go to Jerusalem on a Friday and Saturday due to the limitations in transport and food options – the experience is well worth the extra hassle.

These are my Top 10 countries by various categories. Have you been to any of them? Do you agree with my list or do you think there should be different countries on that list? Let me know in the comment section. Or if you like the list, why not follow me or share my content on Facebook, Twitter or Instragram?

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7 thoughts on “Most amazing countries by category

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  3. Wonderful post. Personally, after Visiting all seven continents, felt Antartica visit is the topmost. Artic, machu pichu(Peru),Masai Mara (Kenya), Estonia, Tazikistan, Maldivian islands, niconoshima island(Japan), and blue lagoon(Iceland) are my top TEN. My worst experience was in Bangladesh.
    *Frequent travelers from countries like India face tough time in obtaining visas. Hope people with US, Canada or Japan visas get to travel everywhere without visa hassles.


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